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explaining addiction treatment

How is Opioid Dependance Treated?

The best treatment for many conditions is a combination of medications and counseling.  Suboxone or medications like it help with cravings.  Counseling helps change the way you make choices and think about your circumstances.  We help guide you through Recovery so you can live a happy, healthy, and vibrant life free of substances.

Narcotics Anonymous

Having a good support system is crucial to being successful at Recovery.  Listening to others that have battled addiction, learning from them, and having their support will help you get through this difficult disease.  We encourage all of our patients dealing with addiction to find a sponsor at NA or AA.

How long will I take Suboxone?

Our ultimate goal is to improve your quality of life. We want you to come off suboxone when you are ready. Until that time it is used as a bridge taking you from misusing drugs to sober living.  The journey starts from using substances in uncontrolled and compulsive manner to stability with physician prescribed and monitored medication assisted treatment. Our goal of living completely substance free for most people is about one to two years after starting treatment.

What else does treatment cover?

You will take drug screens while you are in therapy.  Relapse is a real and common struggle for people who are in recovery.  If you do relapse, knowing when and why it happened will help us counsel you on how to prevent it from happening again.

Is Addiction really a disease?

Yes!  Exposure to addictive substances can damage your brain the same way excess sugar in Diabetes damages your body.  Unfortunately many people are not educated on this issue.  Think of Type II Diabetes.  Overeating, obesity, and lack of exercising causes your body to lose control of sugar levels. Excess sugar causes damage such as vision loss, organ damage, stroke, heart attack, or loss of limbs.  When you are exposed to opioids (ex. oxycodone, heroin, opana,  hydrocodone) in high doses over time they can damage the circuits in your brain.  You can no longer take these addictive substances in a controlled fashion.  The brain circuit changes make taking drugs an obsessive and compulsive act that reduces your conscious choice to not take them.  

Is there Hope?

Yes!  You can successfully get off of all substances.  Life circumstances usually predict how soon this can happen.  However it's not a race!  We take Recovery at your pace, we consider your life circumstances, and most importantly your goals for treatment.