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Am I Bipolar?

Often people say "My mood always goes up and down, am I Bipolar?".  Bipolar Disorder is one of the most misdiagnosed conditions in Psychiatry.  Mood swings alone are not diagnostic of Bipolar Disorder.  There are a number of criteria you need to meet to have this diagnosis.  Also if you are currently using drugs or alcohol it completely changes what your diagnosis may be.

Is it normal for me to cry for no reason?

Do you cry for no reason like someone flipped a switch?  Depression is one of the most common disorders in Psychiatry and a common symptom can be crying.  What if it's something else? Was Pseudobulbar Affect ruled out?  You probably have never heard of that condition and its treated differently than Depression.  Or is it Bipolar Disorder?  The key is a proper diagnosis to receive the right treatment.

I'm afraid of Psychiatric medications. I don't want to feel like a zombie.

Ideally you should not have any side effects to any medication you are taking.  Sometimes mild side effects like headache or upset stomach can occur with a wide variety of medications. The good news is that these usually go away. Serious reactions are rare, you will and should be informed of these.  The majority of people have no side effects at all.  If your medication is making you feel "like a zombie" we need to find a different medication for you.  

I have Anxiety and Panic. What can I do?

Generalized Anxiety and Panic Disorder are two different  conditions.  There are a variety of medications that can help both disorders.  Finding the cause of why you have anxiety/panic is the best long term solution.  There are treatments that do not involve the use of medications (some which can be addictive).  We will work to find the best solution for you if that means using medications or other alternatives, or both. We understand that anxiety and panic attacks can be crippling making it difficult to go to work or do everyday tasks.

I can't concentrate. Do I have ADD...ADHD?

Many times a patient will tell me they think they have Attention Deficit Disorder.  The good news is that if you have ADD there are medications and counseling that can help.  Some of these medications can be addictive while others are not.  The bad news is if you are not properly diagnosed, medication may not help and could make things worse. The right diagnosis is key.

How do you approach Psychiatry?

A patient is not merely a list of symptoms that make up a condition.  All aspects of your life need to be understood.  How is your job or home life?  What is your ethnic or educational background?  Do you have any medical problems?  These questions and many more are needed to understand you and provide the right diagnosis and treatment for you.

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Insomnia is one of the most common and disruptive conditions that plagues our country.  There are many reasons for insomnia and there are a number of different sleep disorders that can cause poor sleep.  30%-50% of our nation suffers from insomnia and about 10% have chronic insomnia.  Some common reasons for insomnia are sleep hygiene issues.  These are behavioral and environmental practices that affect your sleep.  Sleep can affect your mental and physical health.  Poor sleep can influence your mood, concentration, memory as well as increase your risk for heart attack, stroke, cancer, and diabetes.  Call us at 423-500-0550 for an appointment and get better sleep tonight.

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