Appointment FAQ


How much does an appointment cost?

An initial Psychiatric evaluation is $225 and a follow-up visit is $135.  If you are making an initial appointment you must prepay for your appointment online  or calling us by phone with a credit card. 

Do you take insurance?

We do not accept insurance for the office visit.  Many insurance plans will still cover part or sometimes all of your visit.  You can try filing yourself for an "out of network" provider reimbursement.  We can provide the documentation of your visit to send to them to complete this request.

Why do I have to prepay for my first appointment?

Our goal is to provide our services at the lowest cost we can.  A typical no show rate for most medical clinics is 30%.  By reducing the no show rate we are able to make the most of our time.  It is not uncommon for many Psychiatric clinics to charge $300-$400 for an initial appointment.  Our cost is well below that.

When can I schedule an appointment?

We understand how difficult it can be to make time to see the doctor.  Often times we will put off that appointment due to a busy schedule.  Our clinic stays open late and can see you on Saturday if needed.  Click on the "BOOK" button above to see availability.  If you need a time not listed please call us at (423) 500-0550.

What's the best way to make an appointment?

The quickest way is to click on the "BOOK" button above to schedule online. You can also call us at (423) 500-0550 to schedule an appointment. We understand that urgent issues can come up and you need to see the doctor as soon as possible.  We will do our best to help you.